Our Services


Are you going out of town and your pet cannot go with you? Let us be the home away from home. We provide boarding services for both dogs and cats. The boarding area is climate controlled.

All pets are housed individually with access to clean water at all times. Have pets that do better together? Not a problem! We can keep them together during their stay. All dogs are exercised 3 times daily and have blankets to sleep on at night.

All cats are given clean litter pans twice daily and a blanket to curl up on. We feed all animals in our care the Purina Pro Plan line of dog and cat food. We encourage those pets on special diets or with sensitive stomachs, to bring their own food. Pets are on daily medications? We can give any medications they are on during their stay.

To ensure pets are healthy and stay healthy in out care, we do require at least up to date Rabies vaccines, as well as a Bordetella vaccine for dogs to prevent kennel cough. These vaccines can be given during the time of their stay, and don’t have to be given before boarding.