How old does my puppy or kitten need to be to start their vaccines?

Puppies start their vaccines at 6-8 weeks of age. Kittens start their vaccines at 8 weeks of age. Both puppies and kittens require 3 set of vaccines, not including the initial set of puppy vaccines at 6 weeks of age, to be completely protected from various contagious diseases.

How old does a puppy or kitten need to be before being spayed or neutered?

We recommend spaying and neutering all puppies and kittens at 6 months of age. Large and giant breed dogs may need to delay their surgeries to allow for proper growth. Please discuss the timing for surgery with our doctor for a better idea of what this means.

At what age does my dog and cat start heartworm prevention?

Heartworm prevention is safe to start at 8 weeks of age for both dogs and cats. We offer a wide variety of heartworm prevention for puppies and dogs that require a yearly heartworm test. At 6 months of age, we recommend ProHeart6, the 6 month heartworm injectable prevention. Large and giant breed dogs may need to wait to allow for an ideal weight to be gained. Please discuss your option with our doctor for a better idea of what preventative is best for them.

Puppies under 7 months of age can be started on heartworm prevention without a heartworm test (it takes at least 6 months for a dog to test positive after it has been infected), but should be tested 6 months after your initial visit, tested again 6 months later and yearly after that to ensure they are heartworm-free.


What can I do about fleas and tick?

For our Feline friends, we offer the new and improved Revolution Plus! This is a monthly prevention that takes care of fleas, ticks, heartworms, earmites, and some intestinal parasites. Have trouble remembering every month? No problem! We also carry the 3 month Flea and Tick topical prevention Bravecto for cats.

For our Canine fellows we now have Credelio! This is a chewable monthly flea and tick prevention that last for a full 30 days. Have trouble remembering every month? We also carry Bravecto the chewable tablet for dogs that protects against fleas and ticks for 3 months.

Ticks can cause serious disease, including Lyme disease, paralysis and anemia. Flea infestations can quickly get out of control because fleas lay eggs in such large numbers. Some pets develop severe allergies to flea saliva, called Flea Allergy Dermatitis, and develop signs, such as itching, that may last long after the fleas have gone. Fleas can also infest dogs and cats with tapeworms.

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